become eternal

Why Use ArcQ?

Immortalize Your Consciousness

ARCQ is a living archive of real-life memories. You can share your knowledge and answer questions from friends and family. In return you can watch friends and family respond to topics and questions as well.

Topics range from controversial (think politics, social justice, and morals) to lighter subjects (think family traditions, favorite foods and recreational activities, and life stories). If there’s a topic we don’t cover, you can send specific questions to your private connections.

But the best part about ARCQ is the ability to start contributing to a data library that will be used to create an AI chatbot that responds to prompts just like you would. Let your friends and family talk to you when you’re not available.

How to Use The In-App Token System


Sharing your opinions and responses in your private network is always free! You earn blockchain based ARCQ tokens every time you:

  • Log in to the app
  • Upload a video
  • Interact with someone else’s response.

You can cash out your tokens for real money.


Do you have something to say to the world? You can use your ARCQ tokens to:

  • Post your opinions to public boards
  • Get premium features like an AI ChatBot modelled after yourself, once you’ve earned enough tokens

Spend enough time with us and you’ll have your very own AI Chatbot!


Excited About The Beta App?

We are too! If you want to try out experimental features of the ARCQ app before it's released, you can join us as a beta tester. As a beta tester, you’ll become an vital part of the app’s development. Your participation and feedback will help us modify certain user flows to release a better version of the app and improve user's experience. Our app is undergoing our first phases of implementation before being released to the public July 2020.

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Collect Tokens & Recreate Yourself as a Chatbot

Every time that you interact with the app, respond to public & private posts, and create your own content, the closer you are to having yourself replicated into a ChatBot. Discover how to achieve that goal in a more timely fashion by going to the Rewards & Fees section on the Wallet page.