AOS Engine



Forecast Artist Revenue

Transparently representing artists and record labels using AI predictive forecasting for long term sustainability.

Legal Industry, Simplified

Speaking with the NLP trained model will break down complex legal documents into human-friendly, comprehensible language.

Learn More Using Chatbot Tech

By absorbing knowledge in a conversational format, companies can offer elite and responsive auto-generated customer service.

How is the ChatBot Useful?

Utilizing the ARCQ ChatBot allows consumers to connect with businesses on a profound level. They will have the ability to ask an intensively-trained ChatBot direct questions about company related inquiries. This advantageous tool can be applied in many industries and across a wide range of platforms. The possibilities are endless for applications of the ARCQ ChatBot! 


ARCQ is now offering to the music industry the ability for artists (writers) and record label agencies to use our software to generate predictive financial forecasting. The ARCQ engine is a powerful research tool that we are amped to get into the hands of as many artists as possible. We’ve proactively connected with a few record labels already. Click the link below to schedule a demo with us. See what a difference having The ARCQ engine makes for long-lasting investments.

B2b & B2C | ARCQ Oracle Services

We have green lit what we’re now dubbing AOS or ARCQ Oracle Services in conjunction with the release of the ARCQ Social Platform. This arm of ARCQ will be predominately B2B with some B2C (inspiration seekers). While we deploy the Open Beta Social Platform, continually taking input in from our users and making adjustments to develop the 1st ever Social Media 2.0 platform ( Gamified, ad free, user owned content) we will also be deploying AOS to  industries such as education, music, media, law, and customer service. While we experience the downswing on our bell curve of growth with the platform, AOS will be building trust with these other markets/users, showcasing the power of our ML/DL AI holistically, and pave the way for long term sustainability.

Help Us Train Our AI!

By conversing with the ARCQ Custodian, you can help us to create higher quality virtual agents. We appreciate all the time you spend helping us test and refine our software. Let us know if you have any ideas, we love hearing from our users.

Schedule a Demo of ARCQ Oracle Services

Leave your contact info below and we will reach out to set up a demonstration of how AOS can help your business and answer any questions you may have!