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The idea was always about trying to remember their voice. When someone close to you passes there is initial shock and logistics of planning a service. People close to you and some you’ve never even met offer condolences. It is an extremely hectic time and all you want is to be able to spend even one more minute with them. Unfortunately death is forever. The first thing you lose in all this commotion without realizing it is the fading of their voice.

Time has a habit of healing things, one of the side effects of that is generalizing our memories. As your loved ones voice goes, so do the defined memories, their face, their smile and so on.

We are in the business of memories.

The Bammerman Initiative

Bammerman was created to bring the human race forward. Inspired by the Titans of Technology, a few friends had a common goal of one day, eventually prolonging life and ultimately conquering death.  While that dream seems more like science fiction than fact, the only thing separating the two is time.

Recognizing that new technology and advancements in artificial intelligence in recent years has pushed us to new heights, we knew someone was bound to tackle this issue. Why not us? That was the question that started Bammerman. Our team of misfits and futurists don’t know the meaning of the word no.

What starts with ARCQ will one day lead to more building blocks stacked in odds of defying the human species’ sense of mortality.


Chris Baldwin

Chris Baldwin

CEO & Co-Founder

Mike Ammerman

Mike Ammerman

CFO & Co-Founder

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