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How It Works

Create An Account

By becoming a member you can access all the communication features in the app, as well as your ARCQ Wallet. Collect tokens and spend them.

Record Your Opinions

By spending ARCQ Credits in the app, you can add & post videos to public channels. You can also share these opinions freely with your friends and family.

Meet Your Digital Clone

Purchase / accumulate enough ARCQ Credits to upload your archive of videos to an Artificial Intelligence ChatBot and allow others to chat with it.


Using the most advanced frameworks in computer science (React.js & Node.js), we host both public and private information for users hoping to leave a legacy behind.

Two technologies we fully embrace are, the emergence of Artificial Intelligence, as well as Blockchain for tokenization & network security.

The Data Is Valuable

ARCQ Credits will be awarded each day to users for logging in and listening to other peoples posts and opinions.

Accumulate enough ARCQ and you can transfer it into other popular cryptocurrencies, or convert it into real money through CoinBase. For this we use the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

For members wanting something more, we offer the ability to tag certain posts to be analyzed by an Artificial Intelligence algorithm which can grow into a ChatBot, after learning from your posts & videos, will be able to text with people on your behalf, as if it were you.

Our long term goal is to use audio processing to help the bot speak and respond as you would in real time!

tHE Bammerman Initiative

Bammerman was created to bring the human race forward. Inspired by the Titans of Technology, a few friends had a common goal of one day, eventually prolonging life and ultimately conquering death.  While that dream seems more like science fiction than fact, the only thing separating the two is time.

Recognizing that new technology and advancements in artificial intelligence in recent years has pushed us to new heights, we knew someone was bound to tackle this issue. Why not us? That was the question that started Bammerman. Our team of misfits and futurists don’t know the meaning of the word no.

What starts with ARCQ will one day lead to more building blocks stacked in odds of defying the human species’ sense of mortality.

Help Us Train Our AI!

Using Facebook chat platform, we are beginning the training process for our “Turing Tested” text response conversational interface. From this we will be able to augment responses on behalf of our users recorded dialog and videos after launch. The best way to get involved is to reach out to us through Facebook so you can work with us on the developer layer and speak to our ever evolving ChatBot.

Make An Account, Start Earning, And Chat With The Custodian!

Through reading and commenting on posts, watching videos and creating your own content, you will have the ability to connect with friends and family on a deeper level and learn about their opinions of popular subjects.

Use the ARCQ App whenever possible to gain and spend Tokens, which can be earned several different ways. For more details about rewards & fees associated with ARCQ Tokens, visit the Wallet page.

If you earn enough Tokens, you can become eternal by training and/or purchasing a ChatBot for others to interact with, giving you more free time and leaving them with a concrete memory of you.